The ITHQ: Celebrating 50 years of passion and expertise!

In 2018, we will be celebrating a major milestone of a founding member of the Hotel Schools of Distinction (HSD) network, as the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ) is celebrating its 50th anniversary. What a great opportunity to learn more about this school recognized as Canada’s leading centre for specialized training in different hospitality sectors.

 When it all started
The ITHQ was founded in 1968 after the 1967 World Expo, an event that opened the French-speaking province of Quebec to the world. From around the globe, chefs came to start restaurants, and with them they brought their recipes, techniques and passion for their profession. As the traditions of the Old World and New World joined together to create a brand new gastronomic identity, the government at the time decided to create a high-level hotel school to develop the province’s tourism industry.

Quickly, the ITHQ’s role expanded to the areas of sommelier training, hospitality and tourism. Fifty years and 13,000 graduates later, the ITHQ has become one of the world’s leading hotel schools, and Quebec is internationally recognized for the rich character of its terroir and the quality of its hospitality.

A small school gets big
Every year, the ITHQ offers 23 specialized programs and trains over 1,000 students, two thirds of whom are enrolled in management programs. The ITHQ stands out through its ability to bring together multiple disciplines and programs at different academic levels—from technical training for department supervisors and professional restaurant programs to university hotel management courses—that are all dedicated to training tourism industry professionals.

The school also has two teaching restaurants, a 4-star hotel school, a research centre, a network of over 1,000 internship positions, and a hospitality consulting centre that offers skills development courses and multiple workshops for the general public.

Always at the forefront
While the ITHQ is considered a jewel of the Quebec hospitality industry, the institute doesn’t rest on its laurels. Quite the contrary! The ITHQ continues to innovate at tremendous speed thanks to many innovative projects, including the one-of-a-kind joint research unit in gastronomic sciences, the development of a centre of innovation for the hospitality industry, and international cooperation projects. For 30 years, the ITHQ has run university programs in collaboration with its different partners. In 2018, the Government of Quebec granted the ITHQ authorization to award its own university degrees.

Finally, and most importantly, the ITHQ has renewed its commitment to work closely with its HSD network partners to share best practices and continue to act as a centre of excellence for the hospitality industry, for both Quebec and the world.

Happy 50th!






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