EUHT StPOL - University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts, Barcelona

EUHT StPOL - University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts, Barcelona

Spain , Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona


Carretera N-II Km. 664
Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona

EUHT StPOL Barcelona is the first University level education and training center in Spain that grants the official Bachelor Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management, approved by the Ministry of Education.

The theoretical-practical training program of EUHT StPOL is one of the most complete programs offered in Europe, since it started as pioneer of the formula of a school with a real hotel training facilities serving real guests in 1966.

The students of the different training programs of EUHT StPOL work since the first year with real customers of the Gran Sol hotel, without access restrictions to all the learning environments and to the different departments of the hotel and restaurant, ascending the professional rank scale and under the direct supervision of the teaching professionals. This practical previous personalized training and of quality, guarantees, afterwards, the access to more specialized internships in the main hotel chains, restaurants and national and international touristic companies with whom the center maintains contacts and strong links since long ago.

EUHT StPOL works since the beginning of the studies in the personalized career plan for each of its students, depending on the study plan taken, his specialty and his preferences:

  • Internships in the Hotel-School: in the cooking, bakery, hospitality, reception, purchase departments.
  • Professional internship in leader companies of the sector (includes the possibility of conducting the internships in hotels of Hotel Schools of Distinction: Being part of the founding member of the net Hotel Schools of Distinction grants us preference and we have direct contact with the more than 400 luxury hotels affiliated to HSD, located around the world.
  • Internships and labor incorporation through the Professional Development Days: The students that complete their studies are incorporated in responsibility internships during a period of around 6 moths in hotels and restaurants groups. Once the internship period is completed, the student has the opportunity to join the company. Every year, from 10 to 12 leader companies of the sector come to H-E StPOL to select their future employees.

It also offers the possibility of students interchange via ERASMUS (bachelor degree students). H-E StPOL has subscribed agreements of students and professors academic interchange with some off the most renowned hotel schools of Europe. During a semester, the student has the opportunity to study in one of these universities

Also, the students and the graduates of EUHT StPOL have exclusive access to the Professional Development Days and the Job Placement Service.  This latter one can be accessed by joining the group LinkedIn, where they will find the most relevant job offers.

The Career Service of EUHT StPOL is one of the oldest ones of the tourism industry in Spain and is constantly receiving offers for its students.


Is to train future departmental heads and general managers of hotel and restaurant establishments from excellence, regardless of their location.


Is to continue to be a pioneering school in Europe and the benchmark in a sector with an integral quality training model in which theory, practice and research complement each other through the formula of a Hotel-School.