My name is Oskar Rudsengen, and I am an undergraduate student at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management, and also a member of the HSD Student Board.

March is on its way, and it’s an exciting time for the students at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management. On March 9th we’re having our yearly Serviceforum conference and banquet, where culture and cultural conflicts in the tourism industry will be the main theme. The current hot topic in the industry, the sharing economy, will also be discussed. As well as being a fun and educational event, it’s also a good opportunity for the students to meet some of the more prominent hospitality and tourism individuals in the country.

The University of Stavanger is also in the process of building Norway’s very first Campus Hotel – Ýdalir – named after the home of Ull, the Norse god of hunting and winter. Our school and its students will run the hotel, and we’re very happy to join the ranks of other hotel schools that offer their students on-campus hotel experience.

This addition is coming at a time where the hotel industry in Norway struggles, especially here in Stavanger, the oil-capital of the country. When the oil crisis begun, the amount of business travelers that normally would come here drastically decreased, which in turn has forced many hotels to lay off employees and stop hiring. Therefore, it has been tough for many of the students at our school to begin their career. Luckily, people will always travel, and the hotel industry in the region will adapt, so I’m optimistic about the future.

As an HSD-member it has been exciting to both hear from other students and see for myself how other hotel schools prepare their students for the future. When it comes to the education of those pursuing a career within the hotel industry, it seems tough to balance the practical and theoretical parts of the education, and the approach to this seems to vary quite a bit from school to school.

Because of this, it is vital that we have a dialog, not just between those who educate, but also the ones who receive the education. This way, we can share our knowledge and experience, and help enhance the education of all those hoping to be a part of the hospitality-family.

I’m excited to see what the future brings.


HSD students