Place to Be Haaga learning concept enhances bolder thinking and better information to be shared with the whole Hospitality industry

Place to be Haaga is a unique learning concept which brings together industry idols, competitive businesses, students and teachers. It promotes experimental culture, learning together and idea creation. Place to be Haaga is located on our Haaga Campus where it is combined to real business environment with Best Western Plus Hotel Haaga.

The service area is the heart and soul of the Place to be concept. It is a testing area and an environment for displays and experiments with a variety of different usage needs. The food product groups include breakfast, lunch, snacks and cafeteria products. The area provides a setting for developing and testing business ideas, concepts, ingredients and products on a wide scale. The same area can first be used as a testing arena for different grains and then change into a pop-up restaurant testing a new burrito concept developed by a student.

WHAT’S NEW? Self Service kiosks, Cards only, Modularity, Mobile, Pop-up kitchen, Coffee laboratory, Restaurant vs. Canteen

Further information: Mr. Risto Karmavuo, Director of Culinary Management Degree Programme,


Haaga-Helia UAS imagineering the future servicscapes

The future servicescapes are developed and researched today with sensory-stimulating technologies. Haaga-Helia UAS is proud to be the co-ordinating leader of a three-year research project The Box that explores and develops servicescapes with different sensory stimuli.

Launched in January 2016 The Box projects´ aim is to create a commercial, multisensory “walk-inn mixed reality environment”, where the distracting goggles are not needed. Panoramic images from around the world are projected on the walls and everything in the environmental ambiance can be programmed, too. Some examples of technologies used so far are high-definition projection and 3D spatial image mapping, immersive soundscapes, and scents.

Simulations like Mixed Reality Santa Claus, Virtual Starbucks, hotel room of the future, and Sensation dinner have already provided a strong vision of the possibilities of mixed reality environments.

The Box research project took on to explore, how zoo experience, too, could be enhanced virtually. With wall to-wall video projections of animals in their natural habitat, 360 VR footage of snow leopards and little pandas, and detailed information on touchscreen, the visitors od Finnish Ähtäri Zoo could get a closer look at the wildlife and learn new things in an engaging way. The best practices of The Virtual Zoo pilot will be introduced to the public in 2017. Ähtäri Zoo is situated in middle of Finland and easily accessible for Finnish and international visitors.

Another area that has a lot of potential is the food service industry. The Box project visited a culinary festival for professionals in Estonia on September 2016. Providing the scenery, scents and sounds for the Sensation Dinner, the Box project immersed guests to the storyline and to an ingenious culinary journey. The impressions from the international culinary artists and the 400 visitors were promising, and plans are already made for similar dinners around the world.
While visiting the industry locations, the Box simulation room at Haaga-Helias´ Haaga Campus in Helsinki has been utilized in many ways by the research team and Haaga-Helia students. Built for rapid prototyping and research purposes, the Haaga Box serves as a showroom and a test ground for projects. So far, the Haaga Box has been turned into dozens of sceneries starting from Pirates of the Caribbean theme bar to a Vietnamese Street Food Kitchen serving Pho soup for 250 hospitality and food services managers, not to mention acting as a place for a white wedding, sauna experience and travel agency. The latest research even involves virtual barista playing part of customer experience in Virtual Starbucks cafeteria.


Pasi Tuominen, The Box, Project Manager, +358 40 488 7536
Eeva Puhakainen, The Box, Project Communication, +358 40 488 7166
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