Why are we introducing a Hotel Schools of Distinction Certification?

We recognize the fact that education institutions need to a better job identifying, developing and communicating competencies that are relevant to the student’s aspirations as well as to potential employers. Offering students and employers traditional university transcripts partially meets this need but, in our opinion, fails to communicate what a graduate can actually do in a visual way that is transparent and understandable for employers and prospective students. It is therefore central to our initiative to identify, develop, assess and communicate what our students can effectively do when they graduate.

For this reason, HSD has led a yearlong project involving all its members, prominent industry specialist and professional consultant services to identify the highest common denominator competencies we aspire our graduates to master.  Work is now underway in all our schools to map these competencies against specific outcomes and products the students can demonstrate they have mastered within their studies.

Alongside this work, we are developing the infrastructure to capture, evaluate and analyze the data produced. This process reframes assessing student learning to shed light on what graduates of our distinctive hospitality programs are prepared to bring to their career pathways.

Through this assessment process, HSD schools will expect all graduates to be awarded a “visual transcript” that will clearly indicate what each individual student has produced and or achieved to demonstrate the HSD competencies. The “HSD visual transcript” will be protected under copyright law.

A significant by product of this initiative will be for all our schools to have access to benchmarks and data which reflects accurately the level of their students’ achievements in relation to a significant peer group of quality focused educator. This integrated examination of both our educational programs and the distinctive attributes of our graduates communicated through visual transcripts assures that our graduates are prepared to contribute to organizations immediately upon hire.