December is my favorite month of the year. A time of wonder, promises, indulgence and most of all happiness.

This time is also, for most of the students, a moment to reconnect with their friends & family. It is also a time to rest after a long and intense semester.

In Montreal, Canada, this is as well the time of snow, ice skating, and minty hot chocolate.

But before being able to rest, our students at the Institute of tourism and hospitality of Quebec get to live their passion every day through their classes and extracurricular activities. ITHQ is proud to be renowned to produce excellence in hospitality, but ITHQ students are not the only ones to live their passion throughout the year. ITHQ is lucky enough to have a strong partnership with the University of Quebec in Montreal. This way, our two schools can exchange and form a bond to create a link between Tourism and hospitality management studies at different levels.

I have been fortunate enough to attend both schools and I can say that though they are different, they both offer an excellent curriculum and prepare the student to become top-notch managers in the tourism and hospitality industry. One is a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management (UQAM) and the other one is a fast-track signature program called Advanced studies in International Hospitality Management (ITHQ).

But the greatest quality the ITHQ possesses is that it is so much more than just an ordinary establishment. It is a place where professional programs, college degrees and advanced studies all evolve in the same environment. It is a place where students can learn and practice their skills to become managers, bakers, chefs, sommeliers, service professionals and even more. The ITHQ is a place to learn, practice and perfect what ignites our own flame.

This year, I’ve travelled a great deal and met extraordinary people thanks to the ITHQ. I was chosen to represent the ITHQ-UQAM in Amsterdam, Netherlands on the HSD Student board. I was also selected to represent my school at the 8th edition of Young Hotelier Summit held in Lausanne, Switzerland. Recently, my team and I got to be part of the finals of the Genio Worldwide Innovation Summit 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We worked hard, got knocked down but we managed to come back home as the most innovative & overall winners of this summit.

Theses experiences allowed me to meet driven hospitality students and discuss challenges and opportunities that our industries will have in the future. Much more than that, I met new friends and was able to expand my network of hospitality professionals and experts.

Thanks to the HSD, ITHQ-UQAM is able to shine alongside the network of excellence schools in the world and the students will continue to uphold the values and expertise that makes the HSD schools renowned.

Martine Bouchard
Institut de Tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec – ITHQ
Montreal, Canada


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