HSD student story: Martine Bouchard, Institut de Tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ)


December is my favorite month of the year. A time of wonder, promises, indulgence and most of all happiness. This time is also, for most of the students, a moment to reconnect with their friends & family. It is also a time to rest after a long and intense semester. In Montreal, Canada, this is […]

HSD student story: Quirin Strahl

IUBH October 2017

September is a month of change. The season changes, and the leaves convert to more vibrant autumn colours. The temperatures start dropping more and more by the week. It seems as if the end of the year were approaching rapidly. That is however not the case for IUBH School of Business and Management in September. […]

Greetings from students of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Finland


For many people the start of the new year is January 1st. For me that time is Autumn. That’s because it’s the start of the academic year and this marks an opportunity for a fresh start. Autumn is also one the most beautiful time of the year, especially in Finland. Fall is especially amazing in […]

HSD student story: Ángel Rodríguez

Ángel Rodríguez

Life is like a book, some chapters are sad, some happy, and some exciting. I write this because on May the 23rd I finished one of the most unforgettable chapters in my life: my university degree. During this period of time I have learnt something about the hospitality industry, but I have learnt more about […]

HSD student story: Sara Christner & Sarah Bertsch

May 2017_IPFW

Young Hotelier Summit Sometimes memories come at the most unexpected times!  We were both working when we got an unexpected email from our department chair about an opportunity of a life time for us.  Getting asked personally to attend and represent our school at a global event was the greatest honor we have ever had.  […]

HSD student story: Rachel Welsch & Floor Hitzert

HSD Spring meeting 2017

March is an exciting time for all HSD schools. It is the month where all board members of the ten universities get together at one location to share our experiences in the hospitality industry and combine differences to learn from one another. This year was yet another successful meeting. It was held at Hotelschool The […]

HSD student story: Oskar Rudsenge

Oskar Rudsengen

My name is Oskar Rudsengen, and I am an undergraduate student at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management, and also a member of the HSD Student Board. March is on its way, and it’s an exciting time for the students at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management. On March 9th we’re having our yearly Serviceforum […]

HSD student story: Audrée Dallaire

Audrée Dallaire_4

Success is by the right environment; that helps you to grow, to go beyond your limits, and to make wonderful encounters. That’s what the member institutions of the Hotel Schools of Distinction (HSD) offer. I have been lucky enough to spend my last four years in one of them: L’Institut du Tourisme et d’hôtellerie du […]

HSD alumni story: Alexander Nygren


The Hotel School of Distinction (HSD) has been instrumental in helping me reach my personal career goals. Joining HSD has opened me up to a global network of leaders and students with varied experiences providing positive growth and development in the hospitality field. This was achieved through their natural way of introducing you to global […]